About Us

About Us
As a Gümüşistan family, we have started our production by becoming a registered trademark of ISC Mining, Jewelry and External Commerce co.ltd in 2015. We have branded our name in the sector and in the road where we aimed to shine through with our authentic designs, we became one of the first names that comes to mind in the area of silver accessories and jewelry. We have gained a wide group of customers from Europe to the Middle East along with customers from each and every city in Turkey in 3 years. We give form and value to silver in the jewelry industry, where we continue to progress in a modern style without compromising our values.
Our wide range of products include bracelets, necklaces, rings, earring, rosaries and anklets along with individual products that are designed specifically for you by our professional designers.
Our brand, which stands out from ordinary and common silver jewelry models and comes forward with its authentic, creative and original designs, has gained customer satisfaction with our Customized Designs.

Customized Designs
For your personal purchases or gifts, we decorate your silver accessories with your preferred details in order to create a more customized look. We engrave names, dates, figures, letters or pictures onto silver for you. Thus, creating a “feel special experience” for our customers with original and customized silver accessories. It is Gümişistan’s priority to create happiness for your loved ones as well as making them feel unique and special with our products that have a touch of you…

Security First and Foremost
Our company takes the lead in virtual trade in an age of fast spreading trends of online sales. Payment security and credibility, which carries great importance in e-commerce, is one of our most prioritized issues as the Gümüşistan family. Our gumusistan.com website is secured by 265 Bit SSL in order to maintain security and customer satisfaction. It is our mission to provide satisfactory security since our philosophy is grounded on mutual honesty and credibility.
The one thing that creates quality in our service is the respect and passion we have for our job. We create new values with our wide perspective and the principles we have embarked upon. We aim to progress all the time towards better as we are aware that staying in the same place equals retrogress...